Sound technology

For each event, sound technology is a crucial issue, irrespective of the fact whether it has to be provided indoors or outdoors.

To achieve a high quality sound, we use units from globally leading companies which allow us to meet every demand at the highest level.


Light Technology

No high level production can be implemented unless professional light technology means are used such as high intensity luminaires, "intelligent" lamps, digital dimmers, light mixer units with digital programming capability, etc. We will provide you with all this!


Stage Technology

An inevitable item for events held indoors and outdoors is a stable and safe stage of required dimensions, equipped with all comfort equipment, and featuring an aesthetic design, with or without stage cover.

Our properly skilled team will design and assemble a stage with any basic area and height you have dreamed of. Do not be afraid of dreaming.

Technical design and consulting

We know that it is not only a reliable technical equipment and a skilled staff what you need for an event.

The efficiency of an event is based upon a thorough comprehensive design.

We will help you make always a well established decision. We will prepare a layout, specific vision design and technical drawings for the event. If necessary, we will perform technical direction, supervision and control of an event because we know how important they are in an event organizing work.

Of course, we will not leave you alone even if all you have to do is to select subcontractors or to find technical experts, auxiliary staff.

Projection and video technique

As experienced, an event - irrespective of the type thereof - will be really preserved in the mind of people if the essence of programme is emphasized by using interesting and spectacular elements.

We will use our skilled staff and state-of-the-art units from leading edge companies, meeting every demand, to help you if you want to transfer an experience through visual communication means.

REMEMBER! You can rely upon us if you want to enhance the atmosphere of an event by applying virtual building painting. We will also provide you with a solution to create installations on alternative surfaces such as a water curtain. mist curtain, floor, etc.

Scenery and visualization

Knowing that the first impression is decisive, every event organizer strives for achieving that the appearance of an event organized by him should call the attention of guests even before the event begins. So, scenery and vision design including their careful implementation are of major importance. With many years of experience, we are ready for performing both tasks.

Event logistics

Everyone is familiar - indirectly or directly - with logistics, its importance, aim and major tasks. Logistics is present in every field of life, including the events.

We know that events are more sensitive to costs, therefore, the chain formed by processes of an event and the way how transparency, organization, success and efficiency can be implemented, and all this in a cost-saving manner are of major importance for a successful event.

We have experienced and used it because that is what we are really familiar with!!!!!

Beforehand, your attention has been called to event technology fields of major importance. However, much more tasks arise when organizing an event. None of these tasks has a priority over the other ones because it is a chain with all links having to fit to one other and to function perfectly so that a specific event should be successful and efficient.

That is what we keep in mind, without striving for completeness.

• Rendezvényhelyszín

• Hatósági egyeztetések, engedélyek

• Rendezvénysátrak és eszközök

• Áramellátás (aggregátorok)

• Mobil kerítések, kordonok, konténerek és WC

• Rendezvénydekoráció

• Őrzés-védelem

• Takarítás, helyreállítás

• Talajvédelem

Programme organization

Inviting artists, dancers and show hosts, and selecting and recording background music represent another interesting field. It is not only an unexpected technical problem you have to cope with but an improperly selected programme can also destroy the efficiency of an event. And their joint occurrence would be really a disaster.

Through our excellent partners, we can also relieve you from this burden.


We know that the implementation of a high quality sound technology and of every vision is impossible unless using new or properly maintained units.

Our properly skilled staff use up-to-date instrumentation and original spare parts from manufacturer to repair event technique means.

Our slogan saying: "Short deadline at competitive price" will provide guarantee for the work we have performed.

We also perform management of affairs for parts that are difficult to purchase or obsolete.


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