Event technique at high level
"you are responsible for tranquility but we aren`t"

Although you are an excellent event scenarist, event organizer and host, there are things that may permanently make you feel tense and irritated when organizing an event. They are as follows:

- You have no time to receive, check and control a great number of suppliers.
- You have no energy to obtain authority permits and other permits by deadline. Is it very difficult for you to tolerate related officialdom?!
- You have no time to prepare for discussing technical issues.
- You can`t find the right ones in the great number of quotation items.
- You cannot check and evaluate technical content.
- You do not know whom to turn to with confidence.

Are you fed up with the fact that you alone have to manage all things and that many times you cannot advance?

You can take it easy when you have to share it with one and only one person only!!!

1. What is the advantage of keeping all tasks in one hand? You can reckon with:

• Coordination
• Discipline
• Accuracy, preciseness
• Calculableness
• Quality and guarantee
• Option of calling to account
• A team-built, orderly team working accurately, being at your disposal around the clock.
• Reduced time and energy required for bureaucratic tasks.

And all this without any conflict, distress and annoyance!

2. What will an Organizer/Customer lose by not asking for a complete service?

He cannot spend time enough:

• for the preparation of his plans and for the elaboration of design
• to work out even minor details of programmes
• for catering
• for marketing

Simply saying, he will be frittered away in the torrent of subtasks!

Should you want to change your methods, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence.

3. What will you gain by instructing specialists to manage your affairs? What are the burdens GEM Kft. can relieve you from?


• We will make you a proposal for the best, most cost-efficient and highest level solutions available on the market (technical consulting).
• We will perform not typically administrative tasks concerning an event, such as conducting authorization procedures by competent authorities (area occupation permit, fire protection, shock protection).
• We will adhere to and enforce adherence to deadlines.
• We will provide you with up-to-date technical means featuring functional safety.
• We will help you get familiar with the event venue even in minor details.
• All tasks will be evaluated jointly but solved by us.

You will remain in the position to make decisions and to have the control but you have to know that:

• We are not a seller but a service provider.
• We are not arguers.